What we do

We build better Australian communities – no matter where they are, or how big or small, by connecting local government professionals with national and international networks, best practice and innovative thinking.

Local Government Professionals Australia is the peak body representing local government professionals. We focus on developing leaders, organisations and the broader local government sector to build better communities.

Local Government Professionals Australia represents local government professionals, including senior managers and emerging leaders from more than 500 local councils across Australia. With a national perspective and network we support programs to attract and develop the best people and facilitate connections between professionals and councils across Australia and internationally.


  • Advocate on behalf of local government professionals and organisations.
  • Build opportunities through programs and events around Australia and abroad.
  • Nurture productive relationships and innovative thinking through our extensive networks.


LG Professionals Australia’s Board of Directors represent each state and territory in Australia, providing a national view of the local government sector in Australia.

While each of Australia’s Local Government Areas are unique, the professionals charged with administrating local government in each community share many challenges and responsibilities.

Our National Board has identified the following common issues as the focus of the national advocacy program:

  • Financial sustainability
  • Climate change and natural disaster management
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Workforce development
  • Politicisation of the local government CEO

See our Strategic Priorities page for more information.


LG Professionals is a federated peak body. We have partners in each state and territory around Australia, who provide individuals with a wide range of professional development opportunities. LG Professionals Australia is the national representative of the federation, and we work to give individuals and organisations opportunities, networks and representation at the national and international level.

Among our many programs, we run the Local Government Mentoring Program, National Congress & Business Expo attended by council staff from around Australia and facilitate the sector’s top professional development program, the Australasian Management Challenge.

Visit our Events and Programs page for more information.


Since the foundation of our organisation by Victorian municipal professional Raymond West in 1936, we have been creating opportunities for local government staff to come together to share ideas, discuss challenges and learn new ways of practice.

Our networks have grown from that first meeting in Victoria all those years ago, to cover every council in Australia and beyond. We now work with local government organisations in many countries around the Asia Pacific region as well as in Europe and North America. We regularly represent Australian local government professionals on the world stage, and in turn, we share the best practice, ideas and common challenges of our international partners with Australian practitioners.

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