Meet the decision-makers in the nation’s capital. Local Government Professionals Australia is inviting you to Canberra for a series of meetings and briefings with the officials behind the policies and budgets that directly affect your councils and communities.

Canberra Behind-the-Scenes will be back in 2021 and will see local government officers meet with Ministers and Commonwealth senior executives to draw insights on programs that can support their communities at Parliament House.

You can send enquiries to [email protected]

When the new program is announced, you will be able to fill out the below form to register for the limited capacity event. By completing the below registration form, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the event.

Note: This apolitical event is open strictly to non-elected local government executives.

  • State Associations include LG Professionals WA, Tasmania, SA, NSW, NT, LGPro Victoria and LGMA QLD