Environmental Leadership & Sustainability Award

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of the challenges local government faces today. This awards recognises those working to make a real difference.

2018 Environmental Leadership & Sustainability Award Winner:

Solar Farm – Sunshine Coast Council, Queensland

Congratulations to the Solar Farm team: Greg Laverty, Paul Skillen, Gary Kelly, Phil Woods, Simon Crock, Steve Pollard, Cameron Yin, Alison Wright, Paul Gallagher, Peter Riseborough and Tina Freeman.


Sunshine Coast Council is the first in Australia to offset its entire electricity consumption across all its facilities and operations from the renewable energy it generates. The project will achieve a number of outstanding benefits for council and the community, including:

  • control of its electricity supply and address rising electricity costs
  • providing council facilities and operations with renewable energy, moving closer to the transition of a clean energy economy in the region
  • innovative business model releasing significant project value
  • complements the Sunshine Coast’s 40,000 solar PV rooftops (equivalent to 124MW capacity)
  • reduces carbon emissions by 25,000 tCO2e per year
  • delivers $22 million in savings (after costs) for ratepayers from Council’s lower electricity costs over the next 30 years, reducing pressure on rate rises

Further information on the Solar Farm can be found here: