Innovative Management Initiative Award

As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast. This award champions innovative leadership – both individual and organisational – to improve councils and communities. 

2018 Innovative Management Initiative Award Winner:

Emergency Management and Community Forum – Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council, Queensland

Congratulations to the team: Eileen Deemal-Hall, Kieran Mau, Trent Cadman and Rex Gibbs.


Wujul Wujul in Queensland is serviced by a Telstra and mobile 3G system that is fragile in adverse weather. Telecommunications have failed on a number of occasions for sometimes more than 48 hours.

In an Australian first, the Wujul Wujul Emergency Management Network and Community Forum provides those working and living with access to telecommunications which is wind and rain resistant, when normal systems are compromised.

The network is based on a microwave radio link backbone with three main towers. The network operates alongside council’s existing servers. Functionality:

  • Intra-community communication via voice, text or email, even if the Telstra network has failed.
  • Batch warning issues, notification and information.
  • Internet access for select users.
  • Video and image transfer, allowing council to view and operate infrastructure including water treatment collection and storage through the network.
  • Access to council-approved websites such as transport and main road flood cameras, the Bureau of Meteorology and energy providers.

More information can be found here