National Federation Awards

The National Federation Awards celebrate the achievements of individuals and councils working hard to achieve great things in their communities.

The Awards honour local governments for their effort in making a difference in their communities and showcase the innovative solutions that demonstrate leading practice, deliver quality services and better outcomes for communities, and have the potential to be replicated across the country.

Awards Ceremony

The awards will be presented at the 2019 National Congress & Business Expo Gala Dinner to be held in Darwin on Thursday 1 August 2019. Finalists will receive discounted registration to attend the National Congress.

Winners will receive a trophy for their council and individual certificates for all team members acknowledging their success.

Awards Publication

Category winners and finalists will be featured in an awards publication to be circulated industry-wide.

Winners will have the opportunity to self-promote through a publicity program with LG Professionals Australia which may include presenting at associated events.

Nominations should be directed to your state or territory Local Government Professionals Federation Partner and the submission guidelines can be downloaded here.

This award recognises projects or initiatives that demonstrate new approaches to leading, facilitating, or administering which result in positive changes to the management of organisations, processes, practices, or projects. Specific attention will be given to uses of superior management and leadership skills to achieve outstanding benefits for the local council and/or the wider community.

This award recognises effective community and/or cross-council collaboration in achieving positive outcomes. This collaboration may include partnerships that either provide or improve upon existing services that enhance physical or social infrastructure or strengthen links to other levels of government.

This award recognises exemplary leadership in community services as evidenced by way of corporate process improvements, outstanding project initiatives, innovative management and leadership practices, or similar demonstration of practicality and resourcefulness. The award recognises councils that consider their responsibility in shaping community views and behaviours and actively engage with citizens. Particular attention will be paid to projects that deliver ongoing services to their community in an inclusive manner to achieve positive outcomes.

This award recognises the outstanding achievements of an up-and-comer in leadership and management excellence. Nominees will be acknowledged for their demonstrated leadership ability including personal drive and integrity, vision and strategic thinking, as well as their contributions and ongoing commitment to their council and community at large. These exemplary qualities can be evidenced through demonstration of practicality and resourcefulness, including improved corporate processes, an outstanding project initiative, or innovation in management practices.

This award recognises dedication to environmental and sustainability excellence in projects or management that meet the needs of the present without compromising the future. This may include stand-out projects or initiatives, or apply to the improvement of management practices or corporate processes that demonstrate real or potential benefit to the environment. Sustainability may refer to both environmental considerations and wider sustainability impacts on people, resources, and communities.