International Workplace Training Program

This International Workplace Training program offers local government professionals from overseas the opportunity to undertake short term research in Australia.

The International Workplace Training Program aims to enhance international cooperation and networks. LG Professionals Australia hosts Research Fellows at its national office in Canberra, ACT, and shares industry connections and resources to enable learning that will benefit both Australian and international local governments.

The Program has been running since 2015 in partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Participating Fellows are selected based on a research plan, which they undertake while in Australia for a six month term. It is expected the Fellows then share their findings, and apply them to systems within their home local government.

2018 Research Fellow


Mr Jungho Jang is the 2018 Research Fellow. He is Team Leader of Regeneration Cooperation Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Republic of Korea.

Jungho is working on a social housing in Australia research project, which he expects to complete in 2019.

Among his achievements in Korea, Jungho has planned a range of policies and implemented major initiatives in relation to housing welfare. These include projects to revive empty houses, remodel social housing and a program to reduce rental rates for young people living in poverty. He was also at the helm of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s innovative new apartment management plan, which reduced maintenance costs and extended the lifespan of some buildings.

Those interested in learning more about Jungho’s work can contact him via our office: [email protected].