International Research and Training Fellowship

The International Research and Training Fellowship program offers local government professionals from overseas the opportunity to undertake short term research in Australia.

Local Government Professionals Australia has partnered with Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) since 2015 to host Research and Training Fellows in Australia. SMG selects high-performing, experienced civil servants to undertake the two-year program where they bring back important learnings on Australian local government best practice and innovation that can inform systems, programs, and policy development in their government.

These staff spend two years in Australia undertaking work experience, training, and professional development in a research topic related to local government. Local Government Professionals Australia hosts these Research and Training Fellows out of its National Office in Canberra while also arranging work placements in local governments across Australia.

2019-2021 Research Fellow

2019-2021 Research Fellow, Hyekyoung Jang is the Deputy Director of the Overseas Cooperation Team at the Global Urban Partnership Division of the Seoul Planning and Administration Office. During the program, Hyekyoung research focused on open universities and career development programs as part of lifelong learning.

Part of Hyekyoung’s role in Korea was exporting and supporting government best practice abroad, including to developing countries, and the promotion of cooperation with international organisations. As Korea faces a steeply ageing society however, her interest in lifelong education through open universities such as civic universities and in developing vocational skills is increasing. As such, she  has researched programs run through Brisbane City Hall and TAFE to study Australia’s vocational skills development programs and open universities while promoting her research through stakeholder interviews and at related industry conferences.

2017-2019 Research Fellow


2017-2019 Research Fellow, Jeongho Jang is Team Leader of Regeneration Cooperation Division at the Seoul Metropolitan Government. During the program, Jeongho’s local government research focused on social housing.

Among his achievements in Korea, Jeongho has planned a range of policies and implemented major initiatives in relation to housing welfare. These include projects to revive empty houses, remodel social housing, and a program to reduce rental rates for young people living in poverty. He was also at the helm of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s innovative new apartment management plan which reduced maintenance costs and extended the lifespan of some buildings.

Those interested in learning more about the work of these Research Fellows can contact them through the Local Government Professionals Australia team at [email protected].