Sushmee is a passionate advocate for the LGBT community in Nepal and visits communities to raise awareness. Her IMP mentor Judy Toll, has seen this first-hand. The IMP mentor went above and beyond, and travelled to Nepal to meet her mentee.

The Town of Victoria Park’s Community Development Administration Officer Judy Toll, has a connection with Nepal. In 2016 she volunteered there for two months, teaching English in a girls’ school, and she sponsors a child. So when she saw the IMP opportunity in the fortnightly Local Government Update, she jumped at the chance.

Judy was paired with Sushmee, a passionate advocate for the LGBTQ community. She travels around visiting schools and communities, talking about their lives and raising awareness.

The pair spoke and emailed about twice a week sharing case studies, discussing leadership and learning about community leadership in the two – very different – countries.

Eventually, Judy decided to donate more time and travelled to Nepal at her own expense, to meet Sushmee and see her work first-hand.

‘It’s really nice to be able to give back, get more reward than you’d ever imagine, just the whole experience, be able to meet her and see the kids. She was that confident in public speaker but she grew and grew, it was one of her goals and it was lovely to be able to help her stretch herself, I’d be interested to see what she does in the future, she’s a lovely person.’

Judy Toll, Community Development Administration Officer, Town of Victoria Park WA