Join LG Professionals Australia for intimate conversations with local government leaders as they grapple with the challenges of managing the COVID-19 pandemic. We explore the unique impacts these have had on a diverse range of councils and how they are being overcome in real-time on the limited podcast series, the Local Government COVID-Cast.

We speak to New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) Chief Executive Karen Thomas about the coronavirus experience for New Zealand’s local government sector, including how a dedicated Local Government Response Unit worked hand-in-hand with the Central government and what the coronavirus-free economic recovery plan now looks like.

We’re in conversation with LGMA Queensland Vice President David Keenan exploring the experiences of regional Queensland in adapting to the challenges of COVID-19, from staffing capital works projects in the midst of rates freezes to drawing in domestic tourists to support local businesses.

We speak with Roper Gulf Regional Council’s General Manager of Corporate Services and Sustainability Marc Gardner for a Top End take on managing the coronavirus pandemic, from cross-council co-operation to digital communication with staff and communities spread out over almost 200,000 square kilometres.

We catch up with City of Ballarat’s Director of Innovation and Organisational Improvement Cameron Cahill to discuss the realities of recovery for regional Australian communities, a viral campaign, and how the pandemic is prompting a cultural change in how we manage workplace flexibility.

We chat with City of South Perth CEO Geoff Glass on how to effectively communicate with both office and outdoor staff during this period of rapid change and how to conceptualise a recovery phase drawn from the lessons of history.

We talk to City of Parramatta’s Group Manager of City Strategy Geoff King about how pro-actively attracting a diverse workforce of tech-savvy millennials has kept their council resilient through the pandemic and the lockdown’s long-term strategic implications (and its organisational opportunities).

We sit down with City of Victor Harbor CEO Victoria MacKirdy to discuss how to harness people-power in the community, how staff emergency management response training helped pull the council through not just the recent bushfires but the following pandemic, and local government’s role in the recovery effort leading out of this pandemic.

We talk to Shire of Mundaring CEO Jonathan Throssell about how the coronavirus is affecting council finances long-term, how to build a safety net for employees not covered by JobKeeper, and how bushfires have prepared staff and management for COVID.

We’re in conversation with Burnie City Council General Manager Andrew Wardlaw on how a small coastal city became a flashpoint in stemming the spread of the coronavirus, how the council bridged the gap left by JobKeeper, and the uncertain future of a major docking destination for cruise ships.

We’re in conversation with Carpentaria Shire Council CEO Mark Crawley on how his council was equipped to face the coronavirus pandemic, how they quickly moved to protect a vulnerable population, and what the suspension of services will mean for council finances.