Find out how councils are transforming their internal processes, unlocking new funds and supporting their local businesses.

With e-invoicing, local governments have an opportunity to embrace a digital way of operating while helping to boost their local economies. During this webinar, we presented the results of the survey – “Local Government’s e-invoicing opportunities and challenges” – and shared how councils could easily enable e-invoicing.

Council budgets had taken a big hit in 2020 while communities asked for more support. This webinar focused on practical steps and examples of how e-invoicing can help councils cost-save and improve operational efficiency while supporting the development and digitisation of local businesses.

The team at Pagero is building the world’s largest business network in order to help their clients connect digitally with all their trading partners regardless of size, systems, or location. As an ATO accredited e-invoicing Access Point, they strongly believe in the e-invoicing project to digitally enable government and businesses and improve the way we trade as a country. At the end of the webinar, presenter Sagie Shaposhnykov was joined by Pagero Account Director, Bertrand Gauch and Pagero Business Development Manager, Pontus Hanson in answering a live Q&A.

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Meet our expert

Sagie Shaposhnykov – Account Executive for Local Government

Sagie is a technology enthusiast who prides himself on helping organisations improve their internal capabilities and outcomes for their customers. He has primarily focused on working in the finance and procurement spaces with clients from an array of industries.

In his role at Pagero, Sagie brings together technology, finance and community by helping Local Government evolve their processes, taking them and their suppliers into the digital age.