LG Professionals Australia and the Australian Taxation Office addressed the practical steps behind upgrading local government invoicing processes in line with Australian Government adoption of international e-invoicing standards.

For local government CFOs, finance and procurement professionals, this live and interactive webinar gave participants a how-to on implementing Peppol e-invoicing as part of their organisation’s digital transformation, from technical considerations to practical steps for the changeover.

Want to know more about Peppol e-invoicing in local government? Download the brief information sheet here.

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How To: Upgrade Your Council to E-Invoicing – LG Professionals Australia – 28 May 2020

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Meet our experts

Mark Stockwell – Australian Taxation Office, E-invoicing Project Manager

Mark is leading delivery of the trans-Tasman e-invoicing initiative in partnership with the New Zealand Government. Mark’s current role includes managing the Australian Peppol Authority and driving government adoption of e-invoicing. E-invoicing is estimated to result in economy-wide benefits of up to $28 billion over 10 years, offering significant process improvements and savings to government buyers. Mark has extensive experience in public sector digital transformation and was previously a program manager for the government’s SuperStream initiative, delivering significant benefits to Employers and Superannuation funds.

Bertrand Gauch – Pagero, Account Director

Bertrand has been involved in digital transformation programs across Australia since 2002, in capacities ranging from software development, to consulting and sales. He has helped drive technology changes with customers and partners in industries such as Telco, Utilities and Government.

In January 2019, Bertrand joined Pagero to establish the company’s A-NZ business operations and support the growing demand for eBusiness capabilities.

Sagie Shaposhnykov – Pagero, Account Executive Local Government

Sagie is a technology enthusiast who prides himself on helping organisations improve their internal capabilities and outcomes for their customers. He has primarily focused on working in the finance and procurement spaces with clients from an array of industries.

In his role at Pagero, Sagie brings together technology, finance and community by helping Local Government evolve their processes and take them and their suppliers to the digital age.