As Australia moves into a phase of economic recovery after the COVID-19 outbreak, the pressure on councils to develop strategies around revenue-building has never been more of a priority. However, previous models on where to deploy efforts may not apply as Australia approaches a ‘new normal’ across tourism levels and usage of transport, services and lifestyle amenities. Understanding the behaviour, mobility and lifestyle patterns of your community is the first step to taking a targeted approach to economic recovery. 

This live and interactive webinar for local government officers from chiefs of innovation through to IoT specialists explained how to harness the power of data to plan for participants’ community’s economic recovery coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. We explored how to use mobility data – along with local governments’ own datasets – to inform agile planning during an unprecedented time of change.

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Planning for Economic Recovery – LG Professionals Australia – 4 June 2020

Meet our expert

Will Mills – DSpark, Commercial Channel Manager for Local Government

Will Mills specialises in working with cities, Local Government Areas and councils to deliver data-led solutions, bringing with him more than 25 years of experience delivering next-generation technology solutions and emerging products for commercialisation within enterprise and government markets.

“Most cities have finalised their SMART city strategies. Our data has been able to provide a solid baseline in order to now prioritise elements of the strategy and execute with a focus on customer experience improvements and economic bounce back.”