You’re invited to a local government webinar on using reliable data to develop new ideas and solutions. You’ll see how City of Gold Coast is using big data to transform their vision and realign their local strategy.

It’s critical, more than ever, for local governments across Australia to use reliable data to adjust spend, assess ROI and continue to innovate. This webinar will take you through real examples on how to assess the visitor economy and use big data to open the door to new ideas and solutions at your council.

City of Gold Coast has been using mobility visitor data to develop its future strategy. In this exclusive webinar, City of Gold Coast and DSpark will show you how to unlock and identify visitor value through real data examples and demonstrate how big data has been helping councils around Australia enhance planning, reduce costs and ensure return on investment for local government areas.

This free webinar will cover:

  • How to quantify the visitor economy with accurate, reliable data
  • How councils can practically take advantage of big data
  • How the City of Gold Coast is using mobility data to plan and evaluate infrastructure
  • A live opportunity to talk through some of the challenges you’re facing in your local government area

This online session with live Q&A is a must for senior local government executives, strategic planners and economic development chiefs. Register for the upcoming webinar below.

Date + Time
Thursday 29 October, 2:30-3:30PM AEDT

Meet our experts

Ian Hatton – Chief Innovation & Economy Officer

Ian plays a lead role in the adoption of new technologies at the City of Gold Coast, including telecommunications, IoT, automation, big data analytics and cloud computing. He also leads the team responsible for the City’s investment attraction, export growth and economic development. Ian moved to Australia in 2010 having worked in private and public sectors in the UK, including various management roles in local government, manufacturing and property-related disciplines.

Kevin Harper – Sales & Partnerships Manager

Kevin heads up partnerships with leading Australian data analytics company, DSpark. Over the last 5 years, he has helped pioneer privacy-centric mobile analytics in both Canada and Australia, and has been a trusted advisor to governments and organisations around the world with data-driven strategy and cutting-edge digital transformation. Kevin’s vision for a connected world has led to significant innovation across many verticals, helping many to surpass their objectives for strategic growth, planning, cost savings and operational efficiencies.