Local Government Women’s Advisory Group

The Local Government Women’s Advisory Group aims to facilitate sharing and networking between local government professionals across Australia and at the same time shape national advocacy efforts for women in local government.

The national group of up to 20 participants provides a space for local government leaders and experts to share experiences, learnings, and approaches to women’s leadership, empowerment, and challenges they face in the local government workforce. The Local Government Women’s Advisory group falls under the ‘Gender and Diversity’ advocacy area and focuses on supporting and growing female leadership in local government across Australia as well as supporting the ‘Women in Local Government during COVID-19’ project for FY 20-21.

LG Professionals Australia is seeking women and men in local government leadership positions from all States and the Northern Territory to participate in national virtual discussions, input and comment on LG Professionals Australia’s advocacy submissions and papers, and support the ‘Women in Local Government during COVID-19’ project.

LG Professionals Australia is looking for local government leaders with minimum of 2 years in local government who are:

  • Actively involved in promoting women’s empowerment and leadership in the local government workforce, and
  • Display leadership in local government as a female or support the development of female staff and colleagues

Advisory group activities:

  1. Discuss the role of women in the local government workforce highlighting challenges and opportunities and sharing learnings and experiences.
  2. Input and review into LG Professionals submissions and reports related to women in local government
  3. Participate and comment on survey findings, analysis and broader issues related to gender equity in local government.
  4. Support LG Professionals advocacy for women’s leadership through program promotion and share among networks.
  5. Provide recommendations and strategies for ‘Women in Local Government during COVID-19 project’.
  6. Participate in LG Professionals Australia’s events related to women in local government including workshops, seminars, webinars and National Congress.

To nominate yourself to be part of the Local Government Women’s Advisory Group, please submit an expression of interest by Thursday 10 September.

Want to know more? Send your inquiries to [email protected]